Voyeurcloud are scammers

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Beware of Voyeurcloud. The ownser scammed their customers on voyeurweb and diverted all the traffic to there new site.

They are ***. They ripped off prize winners and members . The used theis "IGOR " Person as a front and used an elaborate scam to get people to think he saved all the members. In fact he was the administator on both sides.

Beware of Voyeurcloud.

The ownser scammed their customers on voyeurweb and diverted all the traffic to there new site. They are ***. They ripped off prize winners and members .

The used theis "IGOR " Person as a front and used an elaborate scam to get people to think he saved all the members. In fact he was the administator on both sides.

Review about: Scam Company.

Monetary Loss: $250.


Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany #996184

As i have enterd correct username passwords i cannot login help me out

Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany #996181

I cannot login in my account


Seems like once again I can't log into Igor's latest website. I've been a loyal member for many years now but this is the 2nd (and last) time I got burned.

I don't care what the reasons are, he's simply not looking after his memberships.

Miami, Arizona, United States #589993

As a couple we have been avid followers of Igor and Vouyeurweb for over a decade. He has always been fair, honest, and has delivered endless fun to our lives.

After the hostile takeover of Voyeurweb by some nasty mobs, we discover Voyeurcloud, which claimed to be the new Igor's site but didn't actually "sound" like Igor. Then we found VoyeurClouds.com (with an "s" at the end) and THIS is the real Igor we love and trust. Although we love the free content, we immediately purchased a paid membership to support Igor. He is NOT a scammer, and he is an hero of freedom and quality, great and tasty erotic entertainment.

(Sadly Voyeurweb under new management is not what it used to be. Now instead of amateur girls they publish many professional photos, trying appear cooler.

We find this dishonest and boring. So we recommend you forget about Vouyeurweb and go for the real thing: VoyeurClouds.com, administered by the real, beloved Igor).


So it seems,..... So Igor and voyeurcloud have lived up to their promises once more,... So much for them being scammers,....

Crawley, England, United Kingdom #574399

Why would VW promote Igors new site?

www.voyeurclouds.com is the new site from Igor.


Here's a scam e-mail i received:

"Dear Online Amateur Community Member,

Are you looking for Igor? Do you miss your old fun sites? Well we've found him for you and the most exciting online community yet!

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to experience something refreshing in online amateur entertainment! Welcome to VoyeurCloudS.com !..."

It continues,... But this is enough to prove my point.

Note the S after vouyeurcloud. And Igor would not adress is customers in this tone,... Must be from VW. They have my email as well. What a mess!

Guelph, Ontario, Canada #573371

Most *** bashers are ***. It has been proven.


I just know Igor was a *** lover. He kept allowing aueers to posting their *** pics on his site after getting numerous requests to ban M* contris. Years back he had Asher working for him and he would tell these *** whats up and Igor eventually removed Asher so as to be politically correct and liberal.

Igor needs to stop being a *** loving liberal and listen to what the viewers want. Mikey2 was such a pathetic LOSER who Igor kept allowing to post his *** pics on vw. Would be an excellent site if *** didn't post pictures there.


The starting post is just from some *** Voyeurweb owner/admin.

Voyeurweb is a good site, Igor or no Igor, but their beahviour and attitude is running it into the ground. Fast.

to Trib Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #572691

It looks like you were wrong, it has not be up and running for a couple of weeks now

Dallas, Texas, United States #572389

Yeah, I'm that "Lowkey."

The guy who went to the parties in 2004, the guy who won the photo contests, the guy who write about girls who had sexy time with me to be on that site, and I got on Igors *** back in 98, and went to a topless bar, and apologized to a girl for him, on his behaff.

Tori called me once, Cop called me a bunch, I got drunk at, and slept at Lefts house, and, sadly, his cat will never be the same.

I never met Igor, but over the years I've emailed him back and forth, and, well.. he's a good guy.

Right now they owe me, $500 and who cares?

I just want Iggy to succeed.

Love, & Fishes.


Copenhagen, Kobenhavn, Denmark #572111

My dear Doctor

You may be scared, but Igor and his friends deliver the merchandise, don't they??

Have a look at www.voyeurcluds.com if you doubt my words.

And by the way my dear doctor from Tampa: What is your line of business? *** enlargement by any chance??

Yours truly


Tampa, Florida, United States #571481

Their a bunch of russians mobsters.....i've met the bunch at a party they hosted in Tampa.....beware....

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #571264

hey I like voyeurcloud, but while they are down checking out the site kinkypeepz.com




THey are scammers




I'm distraught that Voyeurcloud has been taken down. When the whole fiasco between VW and VC went down I just waited to see what would happen.

All I ever got was a long string of *** from VW. Nothing but the rhetoric ever improved.

VC has been way better than VW, but I recently received an email from VW staff saying they had been vindicated and then, POOFy nipples, VC was gone. I have no doubt that Igor will honor my subscriptions once this mess gets straightened out.


Let's hope that 'Igor' is able to get another site up and running. Voyeurweb became to restrictive, although the recent instant flashes are not.

Voyeurcloud was less restrictive at first, then became more so. 'Igor' seemed to be key to a successful site.


I'm with Manopeace and GypsyCo. Good luck to Igor. He was always fair during the thirteen years I was with VW.


I have been with Igor almost from the very beginning when he had only 2 pages on the internet. He had an introduction page and the "Voyeur" page where he published only a few "contris" every day (except Sunday). There is NO fairer site administer than Igor. I stayed with Igor off and on until the Voyeurweb fiasco several months ago. At that time I was rejoining Voyeurweb for the umpteenth time, joining the Funbags group. It was at that time that I learned there had been some kind of shake-up at Voyeruweb. After some digging, I discovered the VoyeurCloud site, but after some hesitation, I decided to stay with Voyeurweb. Bad decision. I paid for, and got, the Funbag site that came with videos from 2010 and earlier!!!! Nothing after 2010. Too late, I found out Igor had split, set up Voyeurcloud, and I changed to Voyeurcloud. I paid for a subscription to Explicit Amateur Videos and had been enjoying that until the folks at Voyeurweb screwed that up too. Now, Igor is apparently, once again, on the outside looking in and I'm pissed!

I can assure all of you that Igor is no scammer! He always insisted on fairplay and entertainment that was as frugal as he could make it. He's had trouble with the law off and on and has usually come out the loser. Because of his "fair play" philosophy he has been taken advantage of more than once. He lost an Amsterdam "house" to, IMHO, crooks. He had to eventually relocate from Tampa, FL, because of pressures from the law. In short, Igor is not the scammer, he is the scammed!

Long live Igor and I hope he comes out of this latest fight without too many bumps and bruises. If he chooses to somehow continue on with his work, I'll be there along side of him.

Bob Stirratt




My dear mr. Nico

You are not very well informed.

We paid only once. When Voyeurweb crashed Voyeurcloud took over the obligations, and our memberships simply continued there - free of charge.




What a great way of making members pay twice.

Just take the site of the net ( 6 months ago )

Ask members to pay again for the new site, then after 6 months take it of again.


I find the fact that Cloud has only gone dark, and not down or removed from service. The web site is still listed in the directory as you can get to the web site it just does not have any content. If you lose the site or it is removed the link to the web site should come up as not available, but it still shows up on the search engines just does not have content.


Just received an email. More impending info regarding VoyeurClouds will be posted at www.voyeurclouds.com


Although Igor may have been the founder of VW, it's not impossible he made a few illegal moves when he left there. I'm very curious about the outcome of all this. So far, everybody is losing.


Ah...So nice to find some other info on the web regarding the VoyeurCloud situation. We used to contribute at VW but since their management and ownership team has 100 percent changed since the Summer fallout - they are not the same site.

Unreliable and dishonest. So then we switched over to VC site to contribute. The NEW VoyeurCloud site was by far a much better site for so many reasons. I hope Igor and their people return again (and soon).

This whole injunction debacle was unecessary.

But without many decent contributors and with mafioso management running VW, all we can say is Good *** Luck to them. Long Live Igor.


I was a member of VW and got free access to VC. The other week an email came from VW with an attached Court order, that found that VC scammed VW and were forced to shut up shop by order of Judge Judy


Now now Jackel, conspiracy theories will get you nowhere. LadyJedi has nothing to do with it!


No comment on Diego, but Kiki seems to be clean as a whistle. The mistake these contributors made was to rely on FAQ as their messenger, when all he can do is infuriate people with his jihadist self-righteousness.

They should certainly be paid if they haven't been, but who's to say a few aren't "losing" checks at Igor's bidding?

Anyway, I think we can agree that the site battle has become a very sorry thing. Do drop me a line.


@Dreck. Actually it faded to white, because of a temporary court injunction against it by Voyeurweb. Most of the posts below talk about the details.


I'm not clear on why this has happened, but Voyeurcloud faded to black as of Nov. 7 or 8.

It cannot, apparently, be accessed, and I really don't know why.

I was a longtime Voyeurweb fan until this past summer, when the two sites had a still-unclearly explained falling out, and two websites were created out of one. It appeared that Voyeurcloud was winning the battle of the sites.

Now this. Since it's blacked out, is this the end of Voyeurcloud.



Wow... what a read that now locked thread was!

I see a common thread in Kiki and Diego's comments though.

They always claim to have never received any emails from the complaining parties.

Totally unbelievable, when you consider the number of times that claim has been made. Myself, I suspect they are actually Dark n Lady Jedi, but I could be wrong.


Oh and you might find the VW BB an interesting read at the moment.


Thanks, Jackel. I did see Igor's post about the injunction before it went into effect. I interpreted the 10-day refund bit as an expression of confidence that the shutdown would not happen or last long. It will be a very expensive way to establish integrity!

I am ultimately agnostic as to who is *legally* in the right/wrong legally here, but I suspect it will be a messy fight -- which I thought Igor had said all along that he *was* going to pursue, so I am surprised that it was VW that landed the first punch. I had hoped they could work out a way to coexist and the competition would keep both on their toes, but instead the money and energy will now go to lawyers.

Anyway, I always like to give heed to both sides if I am going to pay any attention to an argument, so if you hear anything on your end, drop me a line (same nic at gmail).


@Cream. If you check the Whois database, both Voyeurcloud and Voyeurweb are locked and can not be changed/administrated by the owners. Looks to me like the fight might be underway.


Hi Rugrollers,

I posted about the injunction a few days before it went into effect. Igor replied stating that they either did not think that the injunction could be obtained, or there was not enough notice given to attend the hearing.

It is my experience that this will go against the party that does not attend. The injunction is temporary, and a bigger court proceeding will result. It was my understanding that Igor was more interested in making VC bigger and better, rather than spending time and money getting the tainted VW back. However, now VW has forced him to focus on a court fight.

If everything I have read and followed is true, it will end badly for VW. It will be interesting to see the outcome!

Igor did say that should the injunction not be successfully appealed, he has directed the billing company to issue automatic refunds. If that happens, it just further proves the integrity of VC.


Any word on this from Igor to those of you over there? Jackel?


Also now in Voyeurweb can not even do an upload, the internal email is disabled. it seems that revenge is being done hacking.

In the end, because of this ***, we pay.


To address Justsaying's comment. Voyeurcloud was ranked in the top 50 websites by Google just recently.

I think you need to adjust your idea of what a small pool is. If Voyeurcloud is defined as a small pool, then the current Voyeurweb would have to be defined as a puddle on your scale.


By the way, be careful about believing everything you read about the matter on a site that can post whatever they want at the moment. Remember, history is written by the "victors".


If you read the Injunction, it is only temporary. Voyeurweb snuck it thru the court without enough notice to Voyeurcloud.

The law is being followed by the hosting company, but this will force the truth to come out in court now. It may take a bit, but nothing rings true about Voyeurwebs new management, and everything adds up in Voyeurcloud's statements over the last few months. Igor even said that the injunction might shut them down for a few days while they defend themselves, but refunds will be issued to everyone automatically if they are down for longer than 10 days.

So I recommend everyone wait and see if they come back or they honor their commitment. Personally, I have yet to see Voyeurcloud make a false statement, but the other site doesn't have a very good track record at all.


So this explians why I can't go there keeps saying no connection, if I Ping voyeurcloud it comes back 100% loss. so the site is down.


The Court has entered the injunction in favor of VW and VC tried to get the injunction lifted and the Court said No. So VC is gone.


The courts have figured it out.

The court issued an injunction in favor of Voyeurweb and against Igor and Voyeurcloud.

They have been shut down.

They will not reappear as previously constituted.

No site administrator will risk a lawsuit by hosting them.

See the Voyeurweb site for all the info.


but above all, why it's down for 2 days?


But now the site is down since 11/10..

where is the reason?


As Beefmaster, I also can vouch VC are/were no scammers. All prize moneys had always been paid out to us.

VC introduced many new features shortly after contributors or viewers suggested them, while VW unfortunately does nothing to improve their site.


Who is *** enough to pay for seeing naked woman on the internet? If you got scammed - well its your fault. I mean really.


Soomeone refresh my memory: Did the original Voyeurweb stop honoring the passwords of Redclouds and Homeclips members after the alleged split?


How many times did we see Beefmaster whining that his submission should do better on VW.

Course he's all good with VC, not many contributors, most low quality and he got money out of the small pond.


It is hard to tell WHO is lying. The courts will probably figure it out.

It seems to me IGOR worked very hard to start it.

It seems IGOR took a break, and for whatever reason (usually cash) he wants "his" back. All I know is, I never sent them any money, so I am not scammed!


It is hard to tell WHO is lying. The courts will probably figure it out.

It seems to me IGOR worked very hard to start it.

It seems IGOR took a break, and for whatever reason (usually cash) he wants "his" back. All I know is, I never sent them any money, so I am not scammed!


I was a contributor on VC, and can vouch they are not scammers. I have $200 sitting in my bank account after being sent a prize cheque by them.

My understanding is VW has placed an injunction forcing VC to be shut down, but you must remember this does not necessarily mean VW are legally right.


I think voyeurcloud is down no reponce today


How can you be certain who is scamming whom?

Everybody lies or has their own perception of the truth.


You are so right, they scammed everyone . It's a shame that more can't see it and boycott them


*** are its, *** is ***. Don't care who posts it so long as someone does.


Ah...so sad...guess the pervs on there can spend their money and time on more worthwhile pursuits. Maybe mental health counseling to rid them of the notion that looking at skanks is anything other than dissipation. They deserve to be ripped off, just a shame their money isn't going to charity.


VW now lives a healthy existence in the couds--Voyeurcloud; go see IGOR's Daily Pictures today.

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